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Danica Designs Berries and Fruit Beeswax Wraps (Set of 3)


Danica Designs

Berries and Fruit Beeswax Wraps (Set of 3)

We love these eco-friendly beeswax wraps that are the perfect alternative to plastic wrap.  In fun prints, we can't get enough of them all.  The set of three are as follows-

  • small 7 x 8-inch wrap
  • medium 10 x 11-inch wrap
  • large 13.7 x 13-inch wrap
  • Plastic-free and eco-friendly reusable beeswax food wraps are zero waste, 100% compostable, and safe for the environment. Made with natural products, these beeswax wraps are non-toxic and help reduce waste. A sustainable alternative to single-use plastic wrap
  • Sweet cherry, succulent strawberry, and delightful blueberries cover these wax wraps that are made to cover all your fruits and vegetables too. 
  • Ecologie Beeswax wraps are food-friendly and made with all-natural materials. Cotton coated with beeswax, coconut oil, and tree resin, these wraps seal tightly and keep food fresh longer.
  • Durable and long-lasting Ecologie wraps seal or wrap tightly with the warmth of your hand. To clean, rinse under cold water with mild soap and lay flat to air dry. After 1 year of use put in your compost bin.

These beeswax wraps are harvested by pesticide-free beekeepers. 

What is a Beeswax Wrap?

Beeswax wraps are all-natural breathable wraps and bags that keep leftover food fresher for longer. A beeswax wrap is reusable, compostable, and is the perfect alternative to plastic wrap. A convenient and pretty way to eliminate single-use plastic products from your pantry.


How to care for your Beeswax Wrap:

Your beeswax wraps and bags are easy to care for. Gently wash your wrap under cool water with mild soap and rinse. Hang or lay flat to dry, do not twist or wring. Fold lightly and store in a cool place. Your beeswax wrap does not like heat, so keep away from hot water, the stove, the microwave or hot foods.

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