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Skeem Luna Candle in Waxing Moon



Luna Candle in Waxing Moon

Last year people fell in love with this sophisticated object that was in fact a beautifully scented candle.  Practical and elegant, the waxing moon scent is a heady floral jasmine deepened with woodsy sandalwood and amber notes.  

The shape is inspired by the magical moment when the full moon hovers just above the horizon line.  Made from handblown glass, this statement vessel is filled with our signature soy wax blend in our Waxing Moon scent. The outside is clear and inside is a suspended white sphere that illuminates with a warm, soft glow when lit. At 180 hours of burn time, it will burn through many moon cycles.

  • handblown glass

  • 180 hour burn time

  • 5.5” wide x 6” tall

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